Miller Moths Remind me of Bat Season

It’s that time of year again.

imageMiller Moth Season.

I know there’s an appreciation out there for these things… but I think they’re gross.  They eat your clothes, they cling to you, and they stink when they fry on your lights.  Quite honestly, they remind me of a not-so-fun time in my last pregnancy: Bat Season.  I don’t think “bat season” technically exists… but it does in my house and it coincides with the invasion of Miller Moths.

We get dozens of Miller Moths in our house this time of year.  Thank God for my cat who likes to eat them.

imageGood boy, Cody.

But we get enough of them that we’re not totally surprised if one flutters near our heads in the middle of the night.  At least that’s what you hope it is.

It was about this time of year, when I was pregnant with Hannah that I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  That’s when what is typically considered a middle-of-the-night nuisance, turned quickly into my saving grace.

As I was returning to bed, Chris started swatting at what he thought were Miller Moths flying around his face.  After he hit one, we suddenly heard pinging noises around the room and a horrible clicking sound.  I don’t know a lot about moths, but I’m pretty sure they don’t make those sounds.  Chris freaked out and I made an about face back to the bathroom.  You can only imagine my immediate fear when my fearless husband, my protector started wigging out.  I’m pretty sure I made it to the bathroom in record time, turned on the light and there it was.


Ok, so not this guy specifically, but one that looked just like him!!! A brown bat! Sprawled out on my pillow case!!

Initially I had no idea what it was… I was still VERY groggy.  Great combo, I know: A panicked, groggy pregnant lady. Was it a lizard with wings? Some horrible mutant mouse? I screamed… and that’s when my husband, who grew up in the south, yelled that it was a bat.

The reactions then went like this:


Cooper, our Golden Retriever, ran out of the room with his tail between his legs.


Cody, looked like he wanted to pounce on his new play toy.


And I immediately yelled for everyone to get out of the room because “Bats have rabies!!!”

Chris wanted to capture him and let the bat out the window… but I wouldn’t allow anyone near the creature for at least 45 minutes.  By the time he finally talked some sense into me, the bat had gone into hiding.  In my bedroom.

There was NO WAY I was sleeping in there until that thing was gone.

That was Saturday night.  I don’t want to make a long story longer, so here’s the short of what happened Sunday and Monday: I googled and called every bat removal company I could find… in the middle of the night.  Turns out they are SUPER expensive, and it’s useless to bring them out in the middle of the day anyway because bats are good hiders.

I then googled our situation.  Turns out, in the state of Colorado, if a bat flies in your bedroom in the middle of the night and you can’t find it… you have to get a rabies shot.  Bats can bite you and you’d never know it because their fangs are so fine and tiny. The big question: Can you get a rabies shot while pregnant?  So, now my high-risk pregnancy had become riskier.

We had to find the bat.  I played the crazy, high-risk pregnant lady card and managed to get the Colorado Department of Wildlife out to my house to check for the bat, and possibly more.  He was useless.  Found nothing and said the bat was probably gone.  I didn’t buy that for a second.

My doctors decided I should at least go to labor and delivery to get checked out.  Let me tell you, it’s always fun when you can stump your high-risk hospital with a situation they’ve never seen before.  Apparently the email exchange amongst my doctors was rather interesting, and quite humorous.  At least they were able to get a hold of officials with the state health department (something I definitely couldn’t do on a weekend), and we made a deal:

We had to find the bat by Monday at 1 p.m., otherwise the WHOLE family had to start getting rabies shots.

Even though it was up for debate whether myself or the animals got bit (my husband, not so lucky… he claims the bat performed some sort of sexual act on his head), we all had to get the shots because we were all in the room.

It was enough for me to know my baby could come early and possibly have problems because of that.  This was just something I did not need.  So, that Sunday night, my husband made himself bait.

Armed with ski gear, tupperware, duct tape and an old kitchen towel, he slept in the infested bedroom waiting to hear the bat make some noise.  While bats are good hiders during the day, at dusk and dawn they get hungry and start to move around to find food and water.  The ski gear was so Chris didn’t get bit again.  The kitchen towel was to smack the bat down to the ground… they can’t take off from the floor.  The tupperware was to trap the bat, and the duct tape was used to tape the tupperware to the floor.

Here’s what happened next according to my Facebook feed:

The problem was over… or so we thought.

Turns out, my cat is also a very good “Bat Hunter”.

As he did before, he perched himself on the top of my husband’s dresser, staring at the space between our fireplace and our wall.  We originally attributed this behavior to him going nuts.  But he saw and heard something we couldn’t.  We had a COLONY of bats living in the walls of our house.

You can’t kill them, they’re protected. And bats can get into a space the size of your pinky. So we spent more than $1000 for someone to come in, plug the holes and put in “exit” cones that bats can only fly out of.

We haven’t had any problems since then. We made sure that bats can’t fly into our bedroom anymore. But occasionally I do still find bat guano outside our home.  Google it if you don’t know what that is.

I think it’s pretty obvious… I really dislike Miller Moth season.  And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous this time around.

Last Blood Draw… Done! RESULTS

I think my brain is finally functioning normally again! No food, and barely any water from 10 p.m. until 12:45 p.m. the next day makes for a seriously loopy pregnant lady.

Today’s goal was to rule out gestational diabetes.  I really didn’t need another complication on top of what is already going on.  While my doctor was convinced everything was fine… and she was right… I wasn’t always too sure. My last blood draw came back with a level of 100.

So to review: my fasting level was 77, one hour test after 10 oz of nasty liquid: 136, two hour test: 111, 3 hour test: 100.  All falling within the normal range. Yay!  My levels were so normal, that my doctor even asked if for the 1 hour regular test if I drank the whole 10 oz, or just half like I was supposed to.  I mean, I’m a little nutty, but I’m not CRAZY.  Who knows what happened with that first test.  Maybe it was the two large breakfast tacos I devoured for lunch!

While today’s lunch was no breakfast tacos, it was spectacular.  Well, anything would have been spectacular after going THAT long without food!  But I must say, my Reuben and sweet potato fries truly hit the spot.  And it was hospital food! Who knew?

I then went right back upstairs to ultrasound for baby boy’s growth measurement.  He looks perfect, and is measuring in the 72nd percentile.  The last growth measurement had him in the 85th… so he’s slowing down a bit, but still a good week ahead of schedule.  It makes me think he’ll be a lot like his sister.  And that is totally fine. I was totally okay with delivering a not-so-large baby.  I am totally okay if history wants to repeat itself this time around! Ha!

Bonus… more 3D pictures!!! 

Foot in his face

Umbilical cord by his face

hands up by his face

I’m a proud mama! And I’m very relieved.  In all honesty, it has been a tough week for me.  It’s really hard not to think the worst, no matter what anyone says to you.  I continue to learn to deal with problems as they come, but sometimes life can get overwhelming.  There were points this week where I wasn’t sure I could handle everything.  And by everything I mean work, volunteering with my sorority, watching my child, cleaning my house, taking care of my animals… EVERYTHING.  I wanted to stop everything, curl up in a ball and cry until it was over.  

But that’s not how life works.  And there’s no way I’m letting my husband and daughter down.  It’s a hard thing to even admit because I’ve always viewed myself as a positive person.  But it all goes back to the point of this blog… total honesty.  Dealing with a lot of emotion is a very real part of pregnancy.  I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say these particular emotions don’t worry me, because they do.  So, at my next doctor’s appointment, I’ll be bringing this up.  As hard as it is to admit, I’ve got to do it.  Mostly because I’m not a quitter, and I know there’s help out there for me if I need it.  I owe that to my family and my unborn child.

2nd Glucose test result

So, the nurse said my first blood draw after drinking the nasty liquid was high.  I thought… Ok… maybe it will be similar to my last one hour test.  I scored a 136.  They’d like it to be less than 135.  I seriously, could not have been closer!! Ugh.  Just finished my 3rd blood draw.  One more to go!

1st Glucose test result!

My hospital has this super cool online feature where I can log in and see my test results as they are coming in! Good thing I brought my computer with me today! My doctor just sent a note saying my fasting levels look great! 77.  We’ll see how the next couple go! 

Woo hoo! A little more than an hour and I’m done!

Day of the 3 hour glucose

Traffic was bad… and I’m so not used to driving in it.  So I got here a little late.  I haven’t had anything to eat since about 10pm.  My dinner? Corn on the cob, chicken parmesan pasta, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a glass of milk.  Don’t judge. 

I just finished chugging this: 

That’s 10 ounces of syrupy orange deliciousness! (Not really) But at least it was cold.  I’ll have the orange cold every day of the week over warm lime.  Even so, I thought I was gonna barf on the last sip.  

They’ve already drawn my blood once for my fasting level…. and now I wait an hour for them to draw my blood again.  I’ll actually get my blood drawn 3 more times.  It won’t be until 12:30 that I can eat. 

While I’m here, I get a growth scan today! Yay! That means I get to see my baby.  And we’ll get to see exactly how big he is.

It’s been an emotional week.  One that has me a little concerned about my mental state.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t know if I can do this.  Other times, I’m ok.  

So, the goal right now is to pass this test and get through today! Here goes nothing!

Gestational Diabetes


Waiting… patiently

Anyone who has been through a pregnancy recently knows all about the glucose test. Yuck. Right now, I sit waiting to take mine.  I chugged the nasty stuff about 50 minutes ago, and in 10 minutes they’re gonna take my blood.  Another process I dislike… strongly.

They’re testing for gestational diabetes.  One hour before you get your blood drawn you have to drink this syrupy liquid.  My doctor’s office offers lemon-lime flavored or orange.  Rumor has is lemon-lime is the best, and that’s the only one I’ve ever tried.  It’s basically like drinking super sugary, flat, cold soda. You have to drink 5 ounces in 5 minutes.  If you throw it up or arrive late to your appointment, you have to take it again… and the 3 hour test (I’ve heard) is even worse. 

So here I sit…. 25 weeks pregnant… ready to take my test. Seven minutes to go. 

Other than a cold that I STILL can’t get rid of, I’m feeling pretty good! Sounds like we’ll be taking out my cerclage at 37 weeks… or the middle of July, and then it’s game on!

Funny, it still feels like that’s a ways away, but when I was making my appointments it felt like this kid is coming on the express train and I better start getting ready! Yikes!

Side note… walking into the doctor’s office it was 80 degrees outside… and I was uncomfortably hot.  I’m in trouble.  July in Denver can be scorching. I’m not ready! I’m really not ready to start swelling! Ugh… the joys of being pregnant. Good thing the child at the end of the process makes it all worth it! 

Four minutes to go…

(and now 2 days later)

They brought me in just after I typed that last sentence. I got home and crashed because I was so tired.  I’ve since received my test results, and..

I failed. For real. FAILED. 157. They wanted the level to be less than 135. I’m not really sure how this has happened, but I now have to go in next Tuesday for the 3 hour test.

As I was telling my husband the news on the phone earlier today I couldn’t help but cry. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t catch a break.  I know a lot of that is my pregnancy hormones talking, but it still sucks.  I don’t want to have gestational diabetes on top of everything else.  

My doctor says I haven’t done anything wrong, but I can’t help but feel like I have. I would just be devastated if I knew I did anything to harm myself or my unborn child.  My doctor also says that we’re not worrying about anything until the results of the three hour test are in.  I know she’s right, but it’s easier said than done.

Not only is the possible diagnosis super scary, but it’s a test I have to miss work to take. A test that won’t allow me to eat or drink anything until lunch that day… and then lunch has to be hospital food because I have a growth scan (another ultrasound) after lunch.  I will be at the hospital half the day.  I would rather be at work.  I would rather have to wake up at 2:30 a.m.  No offense to the lovely people who work at the hospital.

At least they say I’ll have wifi… so this computer is coming, and I’ll be able to keep you updated.

My mantra for this week:  It’s worth it in the end… it’s worth it in the end…

Making a major milestone!

image24 weeks with Hannah                              24 weeks with baby boy

Oh my how my stomach muscles have deteriorated… NO… I’m not having twins!  But this is my second pregnancy, and my poor stomach muscles just aren’t the same.  I’m a little bigger at 24 weeks with this pregnancy than with my daughter!  My fear is: what the heck am I going to look like come full term?!  I suppose we’ll all find out soon enough. Ugh.

I had my last post-op check up this week, and my cerclage still looks great! Hooray! Moving forward, I now have several growth measurements to look forward to.  More pictures of my baby! Who doesn’t love that?!  

Women with Uterus Didelphys typically have smaller uteri.  What should have formed into one uterus, has remained two.  In my case, they are each about half the size of a normal uterus.   Because of this, doctors watch to make sure your baby continues to grow.  Since babies in a smaller uterus can sometimes run out of room, these can also measure small.

Hannah was small.  She was full term, arriving at 38 weeks, but weighed only 5 lbs. 10.5 oz, and was 18 inches long.  The pediatrician put her in the 5-10 percentile for just about every measurement.  At 18 months, she’s now up to the 50th percentile in height, and 30th for weight.  So she’s catching up! She’s super smart, and she’s basically awesome.  Small babies (to a point) don’t scare me anymore.  And if you like to look at the bright side of things… so long as that baby is head down, labor and delivery can be easier too.

Speaking of head down… baby boy is head down now too! Normal pregnancy babies can continue to turn through around 32 weeks.  Uterus didelphys babies are more likely to stay put a little earlier.  So we were super excited to see him head down this appointment!

Bonus of this recent visit… 3D imaging!!!

imageBaby boy’s face and arm

It is absolutely amazing what they can do with imaging.  My hospital (University of Colorado Hospital) actually works with 3D imaging companies to work on their technology, and all the ways they can use it, besides seeing your cute little child.  For example, for people like me, with uterus didelphys, instead of going through a painful process to see the full extent of your uterine anomaly… this imaging can show just as detailed of a picture, is much less intrusive, and much less painful.  That’s AWESOME.

24 weeks! I’m excited to get to this point, I’m excited to have a new goal, and I’m so excited to meet my son.  Next appointment… 26 weeks!

23 Weeks!

image23 Weeks!

Yesterday was my birthday, I’m 23 weeks along and I’m now just a few days from viability!!! That means, a few days from the point where doctors would save my baby should I go into labor… and THAT is a huge milestone.  Obviously I would love it if the little guy would stay in a little longer!

I had my follow up appointment from surgery this week.  I think this was the most excited my docs have ever been about how everything looks.  "Text book" was the phrase they used! I admit, I even clapped in the doctor’s office when I heard the news! LOL.  We were so excited we even printed out the ultrasound picture of my cervix. No, I’m not sharing on here.. I thought that would be a little weird! But it was so nice to see a picture of a cervix that wasn’t breaking down and that we were all nervous about.

I have one more follow up appointment on Tuesday, and then I’ll see the high risk docs symptomatically.  That means, if everything continues to feel normal, then the rest of my pregnancy will be treated as normal! Woo hoo!

We also talked about how I still need to listen to my body, and take it easy.  Last Saturday I was on my feet for a little longer than I should have been.  The muscles in my belly hurt so bad from being stretched, and not getting to rest that it almost made me cry.  We were at a charity event, and all I wanted to do was hang out with our friends. That’s what makes this hard sometimes.  I don’t like giving up things… but I REALLY don’t want to force my body into to labor early.  Unfortunately, I just need to come to terms with the fact that I can’t do as much as some of my other pregnant friends.  And that’s ok.

Moving forward, learning to balance our busy life is going to be my biggest challenge.  I’m purposefully trying not to list everything I’m working on for the next several months so that i don’t have an anxiety attack right now! Ha! One day at a time, Becky…. one day at a time. 

My cerclage

It took a couple of days, but I’m finally out of my drug-induced haze!  (No drugs were used that could harm the baby.  They just made me REALLY drowsy.) All of last week happened so fast, the whole thing just feels surreal… like I’m going to wake up and this will all have been a dream.  Despite that, the procedure to put in my cerclage could not have gone any better.

The decision was made last Tuesday.  My cervix had been shortening, much slower than last time, but enough to worry my doctors that I may, in fact, deliver a preemie.  So, after an anxious night of no sleep, we dropped our daughter off at daycare and arrived at the hospital just after 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.  It was snowing. Hard. Sorry (kind of) news friends who had to work through that without me!  But we arrived safely, and then the waiting game began. imageDr. Donnelly prepping me for surgery.

imageI hate taking medicine!



When you make quick decisions, you don’t really give yourself time to realize the full scope of what’s going on.  So my nerves were doing pretty good that morning.

FAIR WARNING: If you do not believe in women and flatulence, (my husband) do not read any further. STOP READING NOW.

In fact, much like last time, I was much more worried about flatulence than I was about my doctor’s ability to put in the stitch.

You see, when you first enter into operating room, everything looks “normal”. Then, after the doors close, they hoist these things that make it look like you are about to participate in an olympic event… The rings! One of my best events in elementary school.  I so got this!

Sadly, that is not what they would be used for that morning.  Long story short, they give you a spinal to numb you from the waist down, then strap your legs in, and everyone gets up close and personal.  It is my worst nightmare to be THAT gassy pregnant lady who breaks wind in all of my doctors’ faces.  I mean, I was going to be awake for this!!  MORTIFYING!!  

At least last time they assured me they’d blame it on the only male in the room… the surgeon. hahaha.  This time, it was all ladies who would be down there, so I felt it would be best to just give them fair warning.  

Fortunately for me, I was a lady even while numb from the waist down.

This time, I actually slept through my surgery.  Thank goodness… because by the time we made it all the way to that room I was one anxious pregnant lady! I had gotten so little sleep the night before that the “happy” drug they gave me knocked me out. Cold. When I woke up, they were finishing up.

Dr. Donnelly ended up sewing both cervixes together since the other one was so small comparatively.  She felt that tying the two together would cause the least amount of bleeding, and least amount of risk.

You do spot red blood afterwards.  But it’s not much, and totally normal.  In fact, it is 2 days after surgery and I’m not spotting anymore.  I feel a lot more tired than I did, and my back is sore.  But otherwise I feel pretty good! And now I wait.

The reality is, I still could go into labor at 24 weeks.  If your body wants to have the baby, you’re going to have the baby, cerclage or not.  Milestones are BIG for me from now on.  24 weeks, 32 weeks… And my goal is to make it to 36 weeks when the stitch will come out.  Wish me luck!!