23 Weeks!

image23 Weeks!

Yesterday was my birthday, I’m 23 weeks along and I’m now just a few days from viability!!! That means, a few days from the point where doctors would save my baby should I go into labor… and THAT is a huge milestone.  Obviously I would love it if the little guy would stay in a little longer!

I had my follow up appointment from surgery this week.  I think this was the most excited my docs have ever been about how everything looks.  "Text book" was the phrase they used! I admit, I even clapped in the doctor’s office when I heard the news! LOL.  We were so excited we even printed out the ultrasound picture of my cervix. No, I’m not sharing on here.. I thought that would be a little weird! But it was so nice to see a picture of a cervix that wasn’t breaking down and that we were all nervous about.

I have one more follow up appointment on Tuesday, and then I’ll see the high risk docs symptomatically.  That means, if everything continues to feel normal, then the rest of my pregnancy will be treated as normal! Woo hoo!

We also talked about how I still need to listen to my body, and take it easy.  Last Saturday I was on my feet for a little longer than I should have been.  The muscles in my belly hurt so bad from being stretched, and not getting to rest that it almost made me cry.  We were at a charity event, and all I wanted to do was hang out with our friends. That’s what makes this hard sometimes.  I don’t like giving up things… but I REALLY don’t want to force my body into to labor early.  Unfortunately, I just need to come to terms with the fact that I can’t do as much as some of my other pregnant friends.  And that’s ok.

Moving forward, learning to balance our busy life is going to be my biggest challenge.  I’m purposefully trying not to list everything I’m working on for the next several months so that i don’t have an anxiety attack right now! Ha! One day at a time, Becky…. one day at a time. 

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I'm a meteorologist, wife and mom of 3. I've spent the last 18 years of my career in television news, but now I work for myself and my family!

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