Happy Valentine’s Day

Being a parent has changed me in so many ways… and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It was a struggle to get these two, and the end result has even meant some pretty big life changes. But my family is THE most important thing. So if it means I have to make some sacrifices along the way, I will.

It takes time to find the balance, where your personal and professional life are in a good place.

I thank God everyday that I can come home to a wonderful husband and 2 awesome kids. They give me the patience to get thru many of my struggles! In the end, we make sacrifices for them… but they make the sacrifices worth it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best family a girl could ask for!

This Blog turns 1!!

I cannot believe that one year ago today I launched this blog! To be honest, I had a few anxiety attacks over it. But I knew I was doing the right thing. It was so important to me to share my own, high risk pregnancy experience.  I wanted others, who were either going through the same thing or something similar to have a real-life example to compare to, and to ultimately know that you are not alone.

I never expected it to grow to more than 8000 subscribers, or to receive the messages and emails from other people experiencing the same way. I feel like I have gotten more out of this experience than I ever gave. So, thank you!

While I am no longer pregnant, I still deal with all of the issues that made it hard for me to get pregnant in the first place, and made my first, second and third trimesters so stressful.  I still have uterus didelphys, Factor V Leiden, my endometriosis can return, and so could my uterine polyps. 

So, now I’m focusing on being a good mom, taking care of my health and finding ways to help others in their journeys as well.

Knowledge is power! And I firmly believe that the more thoughtful conversations we have, the more we share, the more power we give ourselves to make our lives better.