My cerclage

It took a couple of days, but I’m finally out of my drug-induced haze!  (No drugs were used that could harm the baby.  They just made me REALLY drowsy.) All of last week happened so fast, the whole thing just feels surreal… like I’m going to wake up and this will all have been a dream.  Despite that, the procedure to put in my cerclage could not have gone any better.

The decision was made last Tuesday.  My cervix had been shortening, much slower than last time, but enough to worry my doctors that I may, in fact, deliver a preemie.  So, after an anxious night of no sleep, we dropped our daughter off at daycare and arrived at the hospital just after 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.  It was snowing. Hard. Sorry (kind of) news friends who had to work through that without me!  But we arrived safely, and then the waiting game began. imageDr. Donnelly prepping me for surgery.

imageI hate taking medicine!



When you make quick decisions, you don’t really give yourself time to realize the full scope of what’s going on.  So my nerves were doing pretty good that morning.

FAIR WARNING: If you do not believe in women and flatulence, (my husband) do not read any further. STOP READING NOW.

In fact, much like last time, I was much more worried about flatulence than I was about my doctor’s ability to put in the stitch.

You see, when you first enter into operating room, everything looks “normal”. Then, after the doors close, they hoist these things that make it look like you are about to participate in an olympic event… The rings! One of my best events in elementary school.  I so got this!

Sadly, that is not what they would be used for that morning.  Long story short, they give you a spinal to numb you from the waist down, then strap your legs in, and everyone gets up close and personal.  It is my worst nightmare to be THAT gassy pregnant lady who breaks wind in all of my doctors’ faces.  I mean, I was going to be awake for this!!  MORTIFYING!!  

At least last time they assured me they’d blame it on the only male in the room… the surgeon. hahaha.  This time, it was all ladies who would be down there, so I felt it would be best to just give them fair warning.  

Fortunately for me, I was a lady even while numb from the waist down.

This time, I actually slept through my surgery.  Thank goodness… because by the time we made it all the way to that room I was one anxious pregnant lady! I had gotten so little sleep the night before that the “happy” drug they gave me knocked me out. Cold. When I woke up, they were finishing up.

Dr. Donnelly ended up sewing both cervixes together since the other one was so small comparatively.  She felt that tying the two together would cause the least amount of bleeding, and least amount of risk.

You do spot red blood afterwards.  But it’s not much, and totally normal.  In fact, it is 2 days after surgery and I’m not spotting anymore.  I feel a lot more tired than I did, and my back is sore.  But otherwise I feel pretty good! And now I wait.

The reality is, I still could go into labor at 24 weeks.  If your body wants to have the baby, you’re going to have the baby, cerclage or not.  Milestones are BIG for me from now on.  24 weeks, 32 weeks… And my goal is to make it to 36 weeks when the stitch will come out.  Wish me luck!!   

Done! Surgery went great!

Surgery went great. Started a little late due to some emergency c sections, but it’s finished!

I got a fantastic nap while they were putting the cerclage in, so I don’t remember anything. But I now measure 4 cm. they ended up sewing both cervixes together.

More pictures to come… But wanted to keep you updated!

Hooray for being finished!

Surprise! Surgery tomorrow…

To my sweet boy:

Tomorrow mommy goes in for surgery to make sure you stay in her belly for as long as you need to.  For a while there, it seemed as though my pregnancy with you would not have the same fate as with your sister.  But the doctors aren’t so sure anymore.  Mommy’s body is slowly giving out.  And it’s time to do everything we can to help it along.

I’ll be honest, this was not how I envisioned my 22 week appointment to go.  Every other time, I’ve been prepared for the worst.  This time, I totally figured I go in, they’d tell me I was doing great, and then I’d head home.  

We waited in that room a little longer than usual, your sister and I.  Your poor sister was battling pink eye in both eyes.  Something I pray you never have to go through!  We had even found time to have a dance party in our room while we waited.  It’s our thing. 

Then the high-risk doctor came in and said… let’s talk about what’s different today and surgery options. I’ve been making a few phone calls on your behalf.

Say what? My surprise quickly turned to reconciliation. We were doing better this time around.  It just wasn’t good enough.  Mommy’s doctors said it was time talk about stitching me up.  My doctor said he’d rather do this now, rather than wait… go to 24 weeks and 5 days and then find out we should have done something.   Especially considering my past history. Best rest is not for mommy, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you don’t have to go to the NICU.  You can stay in there as long as you want thankyouverymuch.

So here I am, the night before… watching it rain outside my window, hoping I get a good night’s rest.

I’m nervous. I’m scared. But I believe this is the right thing to do.  Being nervous before surgery, is normal.  It’s always the fear of the unknown.  I’ve certainly had enough surgeries to know that it doesn’t get easier with practice.  And this particular surgery is interesting because I’ll be awake the whole time.  I’ll know if something starts to go wrong.

I’m crossing my fingers everyone in there tomorrow wants to have a good time, too.  Getting stitches isn’t fun… but sometimes people around you in the room can change how you see it.  That’s what happened when your sister and I went it.  There was understanding, and there was laughter.  For that, I’ll forever be grateful.

That’s how mommy deals with stress… through laughter.  So I’m telling you now, make mommy laugh, and it’s a lot harder to get in trouble.  (That’s the first and last time I’m sharing such secrets!)

I’m also nervous because I have NEVER met the doctor who will be doing the surgery.  It’s hard to believe… I feel like we’ve met almost the entire OBGYN department, we’ve been there enough over the last several weeks! Ha! But Dr. Huguelet says this doctor is awesome, and she has never led me astray. 

We’ll get through this tomorrow! Mommy’s done this before.  Your sister and I did great! And one day soon, you’ll join our dance parties! You’ll make us laugh.  And we’ll be so thankful for the help we’ve had along the way. 

Yesterday was National Doctor’s Appreciation Day… and I couldn’t get to this post, so here it is today!  The doctors you pick can make a big difference in your care… and I don’t think I could have done any better with mine!

A HUGE thank you to these doctors for helping bring our beautiful little girl into this world! Dr. Tricia Huguelet with University of Colorado Hospital, Dr. Deb Smith with Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, Dr. Jaime Arruda with UCH, Dr. Nick Behrendt with UCH, and Dr. Joel Schwartz.  Many more thanks to come when our son arrives! We really couldn’t have done this… and stayed sane… without you! – oh, and I apologize for no makeup.  Been a little busy taking care of Hannah’s pink eye!