So far so good!

I was nervous for my first cervix measurement, but so far so good! The perinatologist said my length looks great at 3.4 cm, and the baby looks healthy! Woo hoo! My next appointment will be next week to see how everything is progressing. My uterus didelphys continues to keep them on their toes.

Meanwhile in my hand you see an envelope… 

My husband couldn’t make our ultrasound appointment today, so I was given strict instructions: I was NOT to find out what we were having if given the option. That is like telling a child not to stick their hands in the candy bowl while you’re not looking! But… I did good! …And we came up with a compromise. 

If they could confidently guess the baby’s gender, I would close and cover my eyes during that part of the ultrasound, the tech would write the answer on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for us to open that night.

Well, I was given the option and let me tell you, that was, BY FAR, the most difficult thing I’ve had to do during an ultrasound. But I’m proud to say I didn’t cheat… as tempting as it was.

Funny enough, as the doctor held the sealed envelope in his hands and looked at my face, he decided that I clearly was not trustworthy, and a regular envelope wasn’t enough. So they double wrapped that picture in this solid, manila bad boy so I couldn’t look even if I wanted to.  Smart move doc… smart move… LOL.

Chris, Hannah and I all opened the envelopes together last night and were pleasantly, but skeptically surprised.  You see… at 16 weeks, they told us Hannah was a boy and we all know how that turned out.  So I put little stock in these early guesses.  I won’t even start to buy into any guesses until 20 weeks.  

That means this secret stays with us for now! Stay tuned for updates! I’ll be checking, double checking, triple checking… you get the picture… for a while. 

Author: nowcastinglife

I'm a meteorologist, wife and mom of 3. I've spent the last 18 years of my career in television news, but now I work for myself and my family!

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