Stinky McPooperson and Her Fabulous Fashion Sense

Early yesterday morning, young Hannah had to go to the bathroom. Still in diapers, it was an easy thing to do, yet made her feel slightly uncomfortable. To make herself feel better Hannah decided, “I’ll clean it out myself!” So she stuck her hands down her diaper and pulled out what felt like sticky, mushy goo. “Oh my!” Thought Hannah “this is interesting… And it’s colored! I bet it would look awesome on my clothes!” Like finger painting, it went on with ease. Hannah was having so much fun, she decided to decorate the floor while she was at it! 

Then, All of a sudden she was getting swept off the ground! “No Hannah!” Said her teachers as they vigorously washed her down. “Poop is not for play. Now we have to change your clothes." 

Hannah had no other option but to dress like a child from the Sound of Music (minus the suspenders). We think her make shift tail so the shorts don’t fall off really completes the ensemble. The end.

I am so glad I was not the one who had to clean that up!!